Podcast Reflection II: Philip DeFranco

For our final podcast episode, Andres was the producer, I was the assistant producer, and Jake was the line producer. Because Andres was the producer for the episode, he chose the topic we would discuss. Andres picked Philip DeFranco who is a video blogger who has his own news show.

Before working on this episode, I had never heard of DeFranco or seen any of his videos. Because of this, Andres decided to approach this episode in a different way from our previous ones. Instead of having a full script where both the producer and assistant producer spoke, Andres would be talking about Philip DeFranco and asking me some questions in conjunction to get an outsider’s point of view. We used this structure as a way to help answer our question about DeFranco; Why is he so popular and why do people view him as a viable news source over established news outlets? I think this was a smart way of building the episode because it allowed there to be a comfortable environment for conversation and different opinions.

Because our group had already created two episodes this one was much easier to produce. We were accustomed to the process and steps that go into making it. It probably took us half the amount of time than the first one we made. Before having to make these podcasts, I dreaded for my voice to be recorded. But as I started practicing, I became more comfortable talking in front of a microphone. This experience has definitely taught me how to make a podcast on my own and to be more confident with speaking publicly.

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