For my assembly, I went over all the posts I have created on my website. I then decided that I would assemble my drawing in chronological order starting with my first piece of work to my latest. I used arrows and number to illustrate the order of my work.

For various parts of the assembly I used just drawings to show my work such as in 1. Avatar and 4. Media Nouveau while in others I used only writing as seen in 8. Coding and 9. Podcast: Tasty. For some parts of the assembly I tried to communicate the process that went into creating that assignment. For example, there were various steps that went into creating our podcasts. First, we came up with the topic we wanted to discuss and the questions we wanted to answer. Then, we would write a script and record. Once we had recorded, I would reflect on the podcast we had developed.

While certain assignments required a lot of creative thinking, others demanded more of my time and were harder to complete. The Human Document sketch challenged me creatively and made me think about a text and words in a way that I had never done before but didn’t take me a lot of time to do. Differently, the movie montage didn’t require me to think too much creatively but was very hard for me to learn how to create and took me a lot of time. Doing this assembly allowed me to realize that each assignment in this class has allowed me to challenge myself in a different way.


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