Movie Montage: The Fast and Furious

For my movie montage sketch I decided to use the film, the Fast and Furious. I found this sketch more difficult than the others. I think this is partly due to never having made a movie montage before and having technical problems with VLC. At the beginning, my computer was having problems installing VLC but I was able to figure it out and download it. Once I downloaded VLC, the biggest difficulty I had was in finding the path for the folder I created. When I learned how to copy the path I was finally able to take the screenshots and create my montage.

Once my movie montage was created I was able to analyze aspects of the film I wasn’t able to while watching it. Seeing an overall picture of all the scenes together is much different than seeing the scenes individually. I could determine changes in the movie as a result of the differences in colors seen in the montage. The first half of the movie has much darker lighting than the second half of the film. Throughout the montage the colors of the red and orange car stand out. Also, one can easily determine scenes that were filmed outside during the day by how much lighter and brighter those screenshot appear. Lastly, by analyzing the montage I was able to notice how the action scenes have more color than the inactive scenes.

In the future, I don’t think I would create visualizations like this for films unless I wanted to analyze a movie in a specific way such as looking at use of color throughout the film.

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