Technology Usage

For my data visualization sketch I collected data on the amount of technology I use in a day. While completing this assignment I realized that I use my computer to do school work much more than I thought I did. On Monday and Tuesday I spent over 6 hours studying on my computer. This could be more time than I normally spend doing work on the computer because I had a midterm and a lot of work last week. Furthermore, I use my computer much less on weekends than week days.

I use my phone all throughout the day and some days I had a total usage of 7 hours. My phone is in really bad conditions and hasn’t been working so I wasn’t able to collect proper data on phone usage for Thursday. I was also surprised by how little I used the computer for fun on the weekends. I would’ve thought that I would have used it more.

Technology is involved in so much of my day and I often am using multiple technological devices at the same time. This assignments has made me more aware of how often I am on my phone and has made me want to use it less. Although I think technology is great I also think it can take too much of my time and sometimes I need to do focus on other activities.


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