Visual Note Taking

For this sketch,  I decided to take visual notes from a lecture from my Introduction to Media Studies class. Creating my visual notes was a very different type of process for me than the way I normally take notes. It required a lot more thinking and decision making. When I normally take notes I am trying to write fast so I can write what the professor or lecturer is saying. I am not really thinking about what I am writing. But because I already had the notes I was going to use to create the visual notes I was able to think more about what I was writing/drawing and how I wanted to put it all together. I wasn’t in such a rush like I usually am when taking notes in class and was able to process and remember more of what I was putting on a piece of paper. I was not just thinking about what was I writing but also how I pictured the information visually. I think that  in the future taking visual notes can be a really helpful way for me to learn and review material from a class. I definitely want to try and use this tool while I am studying for my next exam.

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