Technology Literacy Narrative

When I started to think about technology and the role it has played in my life, I realized how much it has affected me throughout the years.  I remember getting my first phone when I was in 2nd grade. But, it wasn’t until 3rd and 4th grade that I started using a computer and other technological devices more often. Computers became a part of the school curriculum; we started having computer class where we learned how to type properly on a keyboard and how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. In some classes, we started having to write essays and doing projects on a computer. Being able to write our assignments on a computer made life a lot easier. We no longer had to spend hours rewriting our edits and drafts for our essays in script but rather could go back to our computer and make corrections much faster. The writing process became more efficient. Furthermore, the school started giving us these classes and assignments as a way of preparing us for middle school, where we would be required to have our own laptop.  At this time, I also started using technological devices for recreational purposes. As more of my friends were getting phones and computers I had more people to talk to over social media. We started using BBM, MSN messenger, and Facebook to communicate with each other. The way we would talk and the way I still talk today is different through social media than the way we communicate in person. We use abbreviations, emoji’s, and slang to talk to one another. For example, brb means be right back, g2g means I got to go, and lmao means laugh my ass off. Talking to someone through a screen became a part of my daily life. If I wanted to talk to my friend whether to just say hi or ask a question, I no longer needed to wait till the next time I saw them to do so. I truly enjoyed and continue enjoy playing on my computer during my free time. I would spend hours playing games such as Club Penguin and Polly Pockets as a form of entertainment, messaging friends, and listening to music.

MSN messenger was the first form of messaging I used on a computer to talk and video chat with friends.
Picture by: Keith Bilous

Throughout time the way I have used technological devices has changed. Once I got to middle school technology became a prominent part of my life. I began having to use my computer every day for school and phones started developing new cool features. Phones were no longer just for texting and calling; applications for all interests were created. Once I got to high school technology was everywhere. Everything could now be done on a technological device. I was able to make appointments, look up reviews for restaurants and hotels, plan and book trips, apply for college, find movie times, get directions, and watch trailers and shows online. As a result, communication changed; oral speech wasn’t as necessary and dominant anymore. Instead of calling someone to find out information you needed could just look online

Technology has allowed for people to find and communicate information in a matter of minutes. As great as all this access to information can be, it can also be overwhelming and has brought new responsibilities. For example, people must now constantly be checking their emails and the web. If I don’t check my email on a daily basis I will automically fall behind in school. I can miss an important assignment my teacher is sending or a message about an important activity happening such as a meeting for a club I am in. Sometimes there are times where I am busy and can’t check my email for a day but if something is posted online and I didn’t see it, it is still my responsibility. I understand we live in a different time but I still think having a break and time to oneself separate from technology and work is important. Moreover, one of the greatest struggles I find with technology is not being able to be present and live in the moment. There can be times where I am at the dinner table and instead of talking I and the others at the table are all using our phones. Or say I witnessing something out of the ordinary, instead of just watching it with my own eyes I am recording it to post on social media. In the last year, I have tried to not constantly be on my phone and tried being more present.

Even after what I just said I still find technology amazing and continue to love and use it. Through time I have started to use technology to learn about topics I am interested in. I can spend hours scrolling through websites and reading articles. I no longer use technology just for school purposes or messaging friends but also as a way to learn. Technology provides us with an infinite amount of information that we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. I feel that I must take advantage of all this information and use it as much as I can to grow as a person.

Regarding the future of technology, I think there is a great deal still to come and be invented. I don’t know if all these technologies will necessarily be for the good. Furthermore, people in society must constantly be aware of what is happening around them and the changes taking place.